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Dev Team as a Service

Hire your software development team

Software development becomes more complex once you have a system in production. Whether it is for basic maintenance tasks or for iterative improvements, we have got you covered!

What we guarantee

what we guarantee
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Rapid delivery guarantee

Guaranteed Timeliness: Your project arrives on schedule, or we waive the extra fees. Our commitment to your timeline is absolute.

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Future-ready maintainability guarantee

Code Quality Promise: Achieve a maintainability index above 80, or we correct it for free. Sustainable, high-quality software, guaranteed.

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Scalability guarantee

Meet scalability targets or we adjust at no extra cost. Future-proofing your software, on us.

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Software optimization roadmaps

Your project's path, made clear and flexible. We craft a roadmap tailored to your software, then fine-tune it over time to match your shifting objectives. It's about keeping you ahead, securely and efficiently.

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Software health assessment

Imagine a health check for your software, looking at code quality to team dynamics. Quarterly, we deliver a report and a roadmap to keep your project on the fast track to success

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Emergency Response Team

Software emergency? Relax, we're on it 24/7. Big issues don't stand a chance with our rapid response. Consider us your software superheroes, keeping everything running smoothly.

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What you’ll hear in this video

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How Mike from AuditHub got started
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Why he loves working with us
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Where he will do his future developments
  • Note that AuditHub got absorbed into StackMoxie just 2 months after launch!

Why Us?

why us

Proven delivery system

Leveraging our proprietary software development process, we've successfully delivered over 1,000 projects globally in a decade, showcasing our unmatched track record.

Global expertise, Local insights

With global exposure to a diverse range of project complexities, we bring world-class solutions tailored to your unique challenges.

Culture of excellence

Our culture thrives on feedback and rigorous optimization, ensuring continuous improvement in every project we undertake.

Design & Architecture first

We champion outstanding software design and architecture from the start, thinking of the end and the future to ensure scalability and maintainability.

Your success is our success

Driven by a commitment to your success, we prioritize impactful results over profits. Your victory is our victory, affirming our partnership's value.

Client-centric philosophy

At our core, we're in the business of building your success. We measure our achievements by how well we elevate our clients to their goals.

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