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How we work - Process

Agile / Scrum

We break down scope in bite size chunks, and deliver these new features every cycle. A typical development cycle (or sprint) is one to two weeks. Since the latest version of the software will be available as soon as developers check-in, you can provide feedback as soon as minutes after the last update.

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Full spectrum teams

Our teams are equipped with all roles required to deliver successful software. A typical team consists of Experience Design Engineers (UI/UX), Software Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Project Management, Solution Architects and CTO hours where necessary.

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Definition of done

Software requirements always leave a lot of room for interpretation. At You_Source we cover most of these by our DoD (Definition of done). This not only improves the process but also speeds up the development cycles. The DoD covers topics from user experience to coding standards and from the security to process.

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Seeing is believing

We like to demo what we have as often as we can, as this helps us iterate and improve on the solution. After every development cycle we have a demo. We will ask you for feedback and apply that as soon as the next development cycle.

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How we work - DevOps

Automated Testing

All our projects are unit tested to a coverage of at least 80%. These tests are automatically run when a developer submits new code. When any test fails, the code will be rejected and requires the developer to fix any mistakes or merging issues so that the source code will only contain running and tested code.

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Application Lifecycle Management is crucial to the overall success of a software development project. We manage this lifecycle in the most applicable tools for your project, using tools like Azure DevOps, Slack, Jira and others. We are fully transparent using these tools and you have access to your source code, requirements and infrastructure from day 1.

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We invest early on in a 3 stage environment that gives you full visibility in the progress of your project or team. The development environment contains the latest features, the staging environment the latest features ready for testing, and these get pushed to production when approved.

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How we work - Quality

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Software development contains a lot of problems that are usually solved with similar patterns, that work on code, architectural or infrastructure level. We have established a set of patterns that solves most software engineering problems and we train our developers to understand, build and maintain these patterns. This improves overall maintainability and helps developers build structured code in a familiar fashion, allowing them to be more productive and deliver software that they can be proud of.

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Quality Metrics

Backend code will always be unit-tested to a minimum of 80% coverage. Unit tests can be executed fast and often, and gives the developer the confidence that his changes or contributions did not break any dependencies. We also measure the maintainability index, which ensures that the code is of readable complexity.

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Security is non-negotiable, and is hard to define using just requirements. We have a standard set of security requirements that we implement in all projects which covers the requirements set by law. We are also skilled at going that extra mile to deliver applications where we as developers of the application would not even have access to the data involved.

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Automated Code Review

Static code analysis is leveraged both on the developer machine as well as during the check-in process. When a developer submits his code to the code repository, the system will run an automated code review, and when warnings or errors are found, the code will be rejected. This keeps your source code consistent with standards and helps keeping the code clean, even when the deadline comes close.

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How we work - Others

Prototyping / Interaction Design

In development more often than not the user is completely overlooked. Systems are designed by committee and not for a good User Experience. We help you through the process of converting your ideas in the usable User Experiences. We do this with the help of rapid Prototyping and by making interaction designs. We test those and make implementation plans based of them. While implementing we expose the results as early as possible to user through user testing. Iterating often gives great results with minimal efforts.

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When we design systems or part thereof, we keep a strong focus on the architecture and scalability. In principle we design all components fore the cloud that are easily and highly scalable. Where we make concessions, we do this while keeping you informed.

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UI First

When we develop software, we get quick/interim results to you by developing the frontend fist. We do this because when the frontend starts to become real better feedback and real-world testing and validation can be done. This early feedback will save a lot of time in development because changes at that stage only have effect on the frontend and not the backend since that will simple not be working yet.

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Most of our architectural designs are based on a microservice concept ore a slight variation thereof. Making a system out of small components working together create a lot of advantages like, easier scalability, mixing and matching of technologies, improves testability, easier fault isolation and much better reusability.

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Seeing is believing, we like to show what we got as often as we can. We iterate quick and often. After every development cycle we have a demo, sometimes only internal but most often you will be included. We will ask you for specific feedback and apply that in the next iterations.

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How Much Does It Cost
To Build An App?

Our prototype process

We start by making a prototype/interaction design. We do that in 5 steps


Step 1 : Review & Discovery

Let’s make sure we are all on the same page to start this journey. We will ask some healthy questions, like should we be doing this project to begin with? Is prototyping the correct tool for your problem/situation? Do we have all the information that is needed for us to make a prototype?

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Step 2 : Kick off

Get acquainted with everyone involved and their roles. Confirm the understanding of the project based on the initial documentation and clarify all the assumptions & targets. Being on the same page is key before we start doing the work.

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Step 3 : Feedback & Development Cadence

We’ve designed a cadence where the design team will work for 2 days and have a meeting on the 3rd day. The meeting will be about progress presentations, problem solving, and planning our next steps. We’re co-creating this product and

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Step 4 : Present and Review

By the final meeting, we’ve already come up with a prototype that tells us the best possible experience of the app we’re looking to build. We create our final notes to do, then we wrap up and turnover the deliverables.

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Step 5 – Solution Proposal

Our architects and developers will estimate the efforts for the entire project based on the prototype and the other information we have collected during the process. We will propose a fixed price for a high quality solution that you will be proud to be the owner of.

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Good Pricing

We can provide you with a truly fixed price for software development services. This means that we take full risk for the output and you will not have to worry about rising development costs, as our guarantee applies.


We believe that we are the right partner for any software development project. And we are so convinced of our ability to help you that we can guarantee you our promise. “If we do not deliver what we promise, we do the rest of the work for free. No questions asked!”

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You_Source was born out of a passion for building quality software. We take pride in our practices and deliver easy to use and well architected software that is built to scale. Metrics don’t lie.

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